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Lower back pain on right side, does not affect everyone, but at some point in our lives, almost 90% of us will seek attention for pain associated with our backs. And, lower back pain on right side, is among the most common of complaints.

lower back pain right side

Why lower back pain on right side, and not the left side?

Researchers are not entirely certain why there are more cases of lower back pain on right side, than on the left side, but some suspect that since most of us are right-handed, we tend to exert that side more often, making it more prone to injury. Keep in mind a sharp or stinging pain near the small of the back on either side can indicate a serious kidney problem. It is always best to seek the advice of a back, or lumbar pain, specialist when you are not completely sure what is causing your lower back pain on right side.

Your degree of lower back pain on right side, may not be like hers.

Did you know that two people can both suffer from a herniated disc; one with excruciating pain and the other with no pain at all? Such disparity is even more common among those who suffer from lumbar muscle strains. Researchers in a study in the New England Journal of Medicine determined that people can suffer the same back conditions while experiencing wildly different pain levels.

So why are you suffering and not the other guy?

In most cases, you can blame your lower back pain on right side, on a muscle imbalance along your spine. Years of miss-use and poor posture have allowed our muscles to develop in ways for which they were not designed. Most likely your ancestors were hunters, gatherers, farmers or factory workers. They did not get out of bed, sit in a car to drive to the office, then sit in a chair hunched in front of a computer all day, sit in a car to drive home, sit at the table to eat dinner and sit on the couch to watch TV. See a pattern?

Even when we stand, our posture is usually poor. Once in a while we may try to get in shape, but will work out the wrong muscles, having no idea that we created a muscle imbalance from the lack of proper movement. For those who work out often, chances are they may be working on the wrong muscles to put their backs and spines back in balance. It is likely that the muscles in that side of your back have developed inadequately.

So what can be done to relieve your lower back pain on right side?

    Look for a muscle balance specialist who can pinpoint which muscles you need to work on in order to build up weak areas. There are some pretty good ones out there so do your homework and you should be fine.
    Immediate relief can be found with medication, but check with your doctor first. He will probably recommend Tylenol first, then an anti-inflammatory such as Advil, Motrin, Aleve or even aspirin.
    You can lie in bed, but only for a couple days. More than that and your muscles will begin to atrophy and will create more lower back pain on right side. If you do take some rest, make sure you get up and move around every hour or so, even if it hurts. Movement will help you recover sooner.
    Ice may be good for a day or two, but only if there is swelling. After the swelling goes down, switch to heat as it will help to increase blood flow to the painful area.
    Yes, movement is important, but if your lower back pain on right side, is really bad, take a rest every now and then by lying on your back with your feet or knees propped up. Some people like to put their legs on a chair with their back flat on the floor. If you use a laptop, you can still get some work done this way as you rest your back. Do not stay on the floor too long. Be sure to get up and move around. Did we mention that movement is our friend?

Please remember that if you are in doubt as to the cause of your lower back pain on right side, see a specialist so they can rule out any serious problems.

lower back pain right side